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Nobody loves the administrative part, but it’s vital for building a solid business.

We have answered below some of the questions that arise starting from the contract signing phase until the final handover of the project.

You will always have an assigned contact person that will answer every question you might have. However, feel free to browse through the questions below.

Every case requires a special process. That is why we design each operational flow to fulfill the needs of our clients.

We have shared information about our most encountered processes here.

If you have other questions, which are not answered below, feel free to contact us!

Once a project starts, you tend to believe that you have all questions answered. We are here to complete the list of answers you need.

Some of the answers, you will find below.

We will have the chance to discuss about the remaining questions throughout our meetings.

Some of the questions
How do you guarantee delivery?

Based on the initial estimation and on the client needs, the project managers will breakdown the project into smaller milestones that will have clear deadlines.

During the project, the team will have weekly or bi-weekly scrum meetings in order to make sure there are no blockers and that everything goes according to the plan.

Therefore, having a strong internal and external communication system and working with a team that is committed to respecting the timings is the key to successful deliveries.

What is your team structure?

Our team is made out of human beings with passions and dedication.

Based on the work model which is used also by Spotify and other successful companies, we are allocating for each project, autonomous teams. The base structure consists of Project Manager, Product consultant, Lead developer, Security consultant, UI/UX expert, Digital Marketing specialist.

Why do you prefer working remote?

Developers, designers, business people, marketeers are all human beings that strive to have a perfect work/life balance.

What we discovered, is that, by having geographical freedom, we help our team members have a fulfilling personal life. Which in turn makes each one of us very productive and committed to getting the best results.

Moreover, with all of the digital tools that we have today, we manage to perfectly communicate and to be more efficient with our time.  Thank you Slack, appear.in, Jira, Confluence, Trello, ScreenHero and not only.

Who is in charge of communication on ITGambit's side?

Each project is allocated a project manager who will be the contact person throughout the partnership.

All communications have a maximum of 24 hour reply policy, however, we normally respond within 1-2 hours.

Depending on the project, communication can be done via mail, directly in our slack channel, skype or via the traditional phone 🙂

How do we choose the projects we work on?

Our desire is to automate processes within the Healthcare, Travel, Data analytics, Education, Supply management, Transportation and our favorite: social entrepreneurship.

Also, we are happy to provide help to projects that have a clear goal and a well defined plan.

How do we estimate the cost of the project?

Most of our estimations are based on the time spent, by our team, working on the project.

Based on the project specification, each specialist will give a time estimation which is required to reach the desired results. Afterwards, the project manager will add up all estimations and the hourly rates.

For ongoing projects we can also work on a budget approval basis.

What happens after the project is delivered?

Our goal is to empower the client to be independent in managing the final product. Therefore, our products normally have a self explanatory CMS which does not require tech skills.

Also, we prepare a detailed code documentation and a comprehensive design guidebook which can be used to further build on the delivered product.